Elisabeth Subolo

Yoga instructor

07-quotesElisabeth began doing yoga in 2010. she joined Kamalini Yoga Studio in 2011 and started teaching yoga in 2012. She is one of the committees at Art Yoga – Cemara Asri. She always join yoga workshops at any places and experienced in teaching yoga.


Fajar Maulana Harahap

Comics artist

05-quotesFajar Maulana Harahap completed his Bachelor Degree in Computer Science at Universitas Sumatera Utara. He is the CTO/Co-Founder of Digidoy Comic, which began in January 2015. Digidoy Comic is an idea or movement to raise the prestige of the local culture, especially Medan, and to introduce the diversity of cultures, languages, travel and daily habits of society in Medan. He was a Senior Programmer at PT Pelindo I (2010 – 2013). He is a Certified Copilot at topcoder.com and an AppXpress Copilot at Appirio.com, managing 184 international projects for IBM, Apple, GE, Cornell University, to name a few, via crowdsourcing.

Ika Natassa


08-quotesIka Natassa is a bestselling Indonesian author who is also a banker at the largest bank in Indonesia and the founder of LitBox, the first literary startup of its kind in the country, which combines the concept of mystery box and onine promotions for writers. She loves writing since since was a little kid and finished writing her first novel in English at the age of 19.  She is best known for writing a series of popular novels focusing on the lives of young bankers in Indonesia.  Her debut novel A Very Yuppy Wedding is published in 2007, and she has released seven books since: Divortiare (2008), Underground (2010), Antologi Rasa (2011), Twivortiare (2012), dan Twivortiare 2 (2014), Critical Eleven (2015), and The Architecture of Love (2016).  A Very Yuppy Wedding is the Editor’s Choice of Cosmopolitan Indonesia magazine in 2008, and she was also nominated in the Talented Young Writer category in the prestigious Khatulistiwa Literary Award in the same year. She loves to experiment with writing methods, Twivortiare and Twivortiare 2 are the two novels she wrote entirely on Twitter.  She also wrote a #PollStory entitled The Architecture of Love, a 14-episodes series on her Twitter account, a collaboration with Twitter Indonesia.  The book developed from the #PollStory is now a best-selling title in Indonesia. Antologi Rasa, Twivortiare, Critical Eleven, and The Architecture of Love are currently being adapted into feature films by three of the most prominent movie studios in Indonesia. Natassa is also one of the finalists of Fun Fearless Female of Cosmopolitan Indonesia magazine.  In 2008, she was awarded with The Best Change Agent at her company for her active role in corporate culture implementation in the bank, and in 2010 she was awarded  for 2010 Best Employee Award.  Her success in maintaining a career at the bank whilst pursuing writing as her other passion led to her being awarded awarded as the Women Icon by The Marketeers in 2010.


Jin Woo Lim

Social entrepreneur

03-quotesJin Woo Lim is a financial risk manager and social entrepreneur for foreign travelers and residents. He graduated from Yonsei University in Korea with a business major. He is an inspiration to others and many people have been transformed through his speeches. In particular, he has suffered from some disorders, such as OCD (obsessive-compulsive disorder), perfectionism and anxiety. Even with those difficulties, he tries to give others hope to get through their own difficulties with gratitude. He was the founder of the biggest and most advanced English Discussion, Debate and Presentation club in Korea. He is also the creator of a Collective Intelligence group in Korea, and has been a Praise Team Leader in a church in Sydney, the President of the Universities Table Tennis Association of Korea, a Social Interpreter and a Couchsurfing Event Organizer.

Juhendri Chaniago

Literary performer

10-quotesJuhendri Chaniago was born on 2 November 1973 in Medan, North Sumatra. He was a writing class tutor and theater trainer at PKBM Madya Insani (2010-2012), the facilitator of the Writing Class in Anthropology at UNIMED (2013), and a facilitator in training for citizen journalism for rural communities at the Bitra Indonesia Foundation. He has also been on the juries of a copyright stories competition at North Sumatra Provincial Library and a poetry reading competition at Yayasan Perguruan Sultan Iskandar Muda. He has also been a tutor in an acting class at John Robert Power Medan. Currently, he is active as a journalist at Bitranet (alternative media of the Bitra Indonesia Foundation), the Regional Coordinator for the Indonesian Literature Community (KSI), a member of Medan Art Council and also in Sanggar Bale Marojahan and Deli Art Foundation for the performing arts.

Kurniasari Mulia

Professional mother

09-quotesKurniasari Mulia was born in Medan on 16 March 1972. She is a professional mother and is concerned about the empowerment of women. She is a homeschooler and is active in Lembaga Peduli Pendidikan Anak (LPPA). She was the leader of a writing project for children in LPPA and published a book titled “Mutiara Mutiara Andansari – Kisah seru para penghafal Al Qur’ an cilik”. She is a trainer for Marriage and Parenting, and was recently active as a trainer in Klinik Nikah Medan (KLIK). She became a Certified Hypnotist and Hypnotherapist in 2014. She is also a caretaker in Forum Rumah Tahfidz Sumatera Utara and FORHATI SUMUT.

Muhammad Akbar


06-quotesMuhammad Akbar is the manager of DILO (Digital Lounge) in Medan and CEO/Co-founder of SALORA.ID. He graduated from the Faculty of Film and Television at Institut Kesenian Jakarta. He had a career as a movie crew member when he was in Jakarta. He is now further developing a creative digital startup ecosystem in Medan and building his own SADORA.ID. He has a passion for entrepreneurship, digital enthusiasts, digital marketing, startup development, movie making and creativity.


Qintari Aninditha


01-quotesQintari Aninditha began her career at the age of 17 as a newsreader at D’iNews TV in Medan. A year later, while conducting her studies she was selected as a GenRe Ambassador of North Sumatra in 2012 that took her to all corners of North Sumatra, disseminating the Generation Plan program under the auspices of the BKKBN. This program was an attempt to lower the statistics of early marriage, unwanted pregnancy, drugs and vulnerability to HIV/AIDS among teenagers in North Sumatra. In 2013, Qintari represented North Sumatra in the Indonesian Youth Forum with her social project as a Fine Arts Club President. She also represented Indonesia in the International Youth Leadership Conference in Dubai in late 2013 and the Committee on Education Access and Human Rights in the G20 Countries Youth Forum in Germany in May 2014. Currently, with her educational background of undergraduate psychology and enthusiasm in the field of youth empowerment, Qintari is still active as a trainer and mentor.

Raja Meliala

Social worker

02-quotesRaja Meliala is an aspiring photographer and a social worker. He started his photography business in 2008, focusing on social landscapes, fashion, weddings and corporate events. What most interests him is humanity and how we all interact and express ourselves. With that in mind, he has started his own e-magazine called “MEMO” for youth in Medan. He has also established a charity organization named “1000 Foundation”. He has a big ambition to help his hometown grow.


Ramadhoni Dwi Payana


04-quotesRamadhoni Dwi Payana was born in Medan on 2 September 1978, and completed the study of architecture at Universitas Sumatera Utara in 2001. Now he is a principal consultant at Simon + Dhoni Architecture Studio which is based in Medan, as well as one of the owners of Tau Ko Medan. He won an international award in the field of architectural design in a competition held by FuturArc in 2011 with the title “Pajak USU Revitalisation”. He has also won several architectural awards at the national level, including Sayembara Onduline (2015), Sayembara Conwood (2015) and The Tsunami Museum (2004). He has exhibited an installation titled “Ombus-ombus” at the National Gallery of Jakarta, exhibitions of works of architecture in Germany and in “Dialogue” Jakarta.