SARESWARISarewari is a passionate traveler and during her years of travelling, learning and staying with locals in a certain country. She realizes how much it is important for us to give back to the society. It is easier to search a local restaurant near us rather than the crisis both women and children in our society are facing. Having that in mind, She founded The Next Generation Digital Magazine, a nonprofit digital magazine and working closely with UNICEF USA, UNICEF’S Next Generation, UNICEF Australia and Former Miss Universe Delegates focusing on issues all over the world about children and women. Sares and the team are working on releasing The Next Generation Digital Magazine in several countries like India, Malaysia and Ghana over the coming years.

Atsuhiro Tsunoda

Founder of Medan Osoji Club


Atsuhiro Tsunoda was born on 7th Mar 1966 , He achieved his PhD in Fisheries Science in 2000. Since 2015 he works in Japan and in Indonesia. He is the founder of Medan Osoji Club.

Beni Satria


BENI SATRIAdr. Beni Satria is a Hospital Director at Sarah Hospital since Jan 2015. His focuses are on healthcare policies, regulations, remuneration and health technology. He is also part of Quality & Cost Control Independent Team of Indonesia’s Social Security Agency (BPJS) since Dec 2014. He handles the National Health Insurance (JKN) and responsibles for utilization review, medical audit, and the implementation of medical audit to health facilities in collaboration with Social Security Agency of Health (BPJS Kesehatan). He focuses on the Management of Hospital Administration, Health Law, Public Policy, Ethics and Discipline. He worked in collaboration with JICA as Local Consultants Private construction Pirngadi Wing Hospital Medan. He is also the Executive Board of the Indonesian Medical Association. Honorary Secretary of the Council of Ethics and committee of Association of Indonesian Hospital.

Candie Willy


CANDIE WILLYAs Founder and CEO of GRATIFY TRANSFORMATION CENTER Candie Willy is a talented Coach, an investor, a young entrepreneur who has strength in influencing people and a great strategic thinker. Starting his career from 19 years old as an Assistant Manager in one of biggest international financial investment company, in only 6 month he could be the top youngest Regional HR Manager who handled more than four branches in Indonesia. Candie Willy also has a honey business in Jakarta, Indonesia with more than 300 branches in Java. Based on his experience in coaching more than 40 companies in Indonesia, Candie Willy uses unique competent approach to develop people and companies. His dream is to help more people to achieve their dreams, help business owners to have Profitable and AUTO-PILOT Business with GRATIFY team engaged in each of their companies. He is also the Top Youngest NLP Master Trainer In Asia

Delfi Yudha Frasetia


DELFI YUDHADelfi Yudha Frasetia is one of the sociopreneurs in Medan. He was born in Medan on October 22nd, 1991. He completed his study in Economics from Universitas Negeri Medan . He used to work in a nonprofit organization – ADRF from South Korea. His experiences worked to eradicate poverty, helped poor society, researched education system around the world, and interacted with many activists since 2011 have opened his eyes on social dynamics. He was involved in development of Medan Generasi Impian Foundation which is engaged in education. Now he founded a NGO known as Kelas Dewantara which is a house of learning concerning character education, child care in poor, and youth empowerment. Currently Kelas Dewantara has been established in 7 places in North Sumatra. Beside his social activities, He works in Research and Development Division at Aplaus Magazine.

Erlisa Chandra

Startup owner

ERLISA CHANDRAErlisa Chandra is a culinary business owner and a media startup owner who wishes to unravel stories that are considered taboo in the mainstream society. She works as General Manager is one of the franchise bar in Medan, she is also a storyteller, writing for few of Medan’s publications, along with developing my own storytelling community. She graduated with a degree in communication, making it her passion to improve how we all communicate with each other, with whatever mediums necessary. She is a headstrong women who would not shy away from critics but unafraid and unapologetic with her opinions. She grew up in a challenging community where being mixed race and being chubby was not the accepted norms and look. She moved to Penang when she was 16 years old and spent much time in Malaysia. She came to Medan with great optimism and motivation to transform herself and the city.

Erucakra Mahameru


ERUCAKRA MAHAMERUErucakra graduated from the Berklee College of Music Boston Massachussetts USA (Professional Music Graduate 1995) and got his Master Degree in Magister Management USU North Sumatra Indonesia (2008). He has become the Founder, Guitarist, Vocalist, Composer, Arranger, Producer and Inventor of Neo Progressive Jazz Genre and the band called C Man. As a Sound Inventor, He has also discovered NEV Sound Research-A Sound Research Organization continuing to produce great innovation and Advanced Velocity Engineering Sound Solution in particular with Jazz Music such as the NEV-CD, HTX (High Tolerance Xpander) developing the first world Holographic Surround Sound for modern Studio Mix-Down and Sound File Data Transferring and Networking (Advanced Synthesis Method-Divider Synthesis discovered for the very first time in Boston USA 1994). In 2011, He established North Sumatra Jazz Festival (NSJF) in Medan North Sumatra Indonesia.

Jaya Setiawan Gulo

Founder of The School Projects

JAYA GULOJaya Setiawan Gulo is known as a youth advocate. He has spoken over 100 hours in 8 countries. He is passionate about economics and education. He is currently working as a Customs officer in the Indonesian Ministry of Finance. Gulo founded The School Projects, an award-winning, non-profit organization that committed to providing the disadvantaged children an equal education opportunity with more than 1,200 beneficiaries so far. His dedication has been recognized by the UN Youth Assembly, UNEP, and UN Women. His publications include in the Huffington Post, Impatient blog of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, Education Commission, International Women Day blog, and so on. In addition, Gulo’s works have been covered by the CNN Indonesia, Metro TV, Jakarta Post, Herald.Net, and many other media. Gulo holds a Diploma from PKN-STAN and a Project Management certificate from Edmonds Community College on a scholarship from the US State Department under NWCCI.

Relcky Saragih

Career coach

RELCKY SARAGIHRelcky Saragih S.ST, LCPC is a Career & Parenting coach. He has a Marketing Consultant & Creative service – Relcky Consulting. He eventually determined to dedicate himself in the field of human resources, especially in the career development. Relcky Saragih got an official certificate from LOOP Indonesia under the auspices of International Coach Federation (ICF). Relcky created a different more effective method to develop a career and it refers to job satisfaction and wealth of each person. The method also be guided to a sentence, “the right man, on the right place.”. In 2015, he launched a book titled “What Is Success?”. He is currently preparing for the launch of his second book by the end of 2017.Through, he gives a positive contribution to the human resources development industry in Indonesia.

Rizky Nasution


RIZKY NASUTIONRizky Nasution is a social activist who has succeeded in realizing self-actualization through the Medan Heritage which she founded on 31 August 2013. She started her career in Waspada Online (2011) and joined High Brand Group (2012), one of the contractor companies in Medan. In 2012 – 2013 she continued her career at Bank Negara Indonesia regional Medan. Then, she resigned because she has found her passion in the field of literacy and culture. She join Cerita Medan since 2013 until now. Sonora FM in 2014 and Televisi Republik Indonesia (TVRI) North Sumatra region in 2015. She has just completed her Master of Science in Psychology. In addition She also actively become a speaker in seminars and workshops in community development activities, journalism, public speaking, social media, and personal branding.